Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend getaway...

So..this weekend a bunch of us went on a little getaway to Jebel
Dhanna resort. It's a 5 star beach resort, and we got a group rate.
Normally I wouldn't have arranged something like this for myself, but
as it was being done, and most of my new friends were going, it seemed
like a good time to go.
The resort was beautiful. There was a pool, beach, sheesha tents,
volleyball court, a gym and so on... oh ya, also stunning staff....
As it is the holy month of Ramadan, the pool-side bar was closed. It's
actually illegal to eat and drink in public this month. Resorts like
this are an exception.
We arrived later in the evening on Thursday after school let out.
Farhang (my flatmate), Kevin and I caught a ride with our director
Walter, so we left after most people. As navigator I have to take
credit for a lack of a turn that set us back about 20 minutes. I take
credit even though the instructions weren't great.
We arrived, and had a nice mellow evening.
The next day was pool/beach day. The pool is a little cooler than the
ocean, so a little more relaxing to lounge in. Several of us rented
snorkeling gear and swam out to a reef. It's great seeing fish in real
life that you would normally only see in a fish tank. It was quite the
swim, and a few people gave up when we couldn't find the reef. We were
later directed to the reef by some staff who were towing water skiers.
This time I was not navigating, so completely innocent of directional
After seeing the fish, we played a little volleyball, and full contact
keep-away in the pool. It's a little more complicated than keep away,
and somehow I ended up with a twisted ankle, elbow in the throat, and
really sore quads (lots of jumping, and the soreness only appeared 2
days later.) It was great.
The next day we went deep sea fishing in search of Hamour, King Fish,
and Queen fish. We caught several Queen fish, one Hamour and several
bate fish which I wound up keeping and cooking at home.
The fishing was fun, but it was 5star fishing, where we were allowed
to real in the fish, not hook it ourselves. I did manage to hook one
myself, the smallest fish of the day (smaller than my palm), and
5starred the largest catch of the day, a big queen fish. It was still
All in all, I got way too much sun over the weekend, but it was a
great time any which way.
Hope all are well. ]


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