Friday, October 27, 2006

My New Home

OK, I haven't really done any really good posts in the last, oh... uhm... yeaer or so. I was lazy and complacent so not much got done on the blog front. Thanks to you, my loyal reader(s)... I'm not really sure how many of you read this anymore.

So, y'all know that I know live in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I'm about 140km from our larger, more famous, but poorer Emirate, Dubai. I'm much happier here, knowing that Dubai has some of the slowest traffic in the world due to a growth rathe that has exceeded Calgary's, and a infrastructure plan that has matched it. The roads just can't deal with the 1.2 million inhabitants.

I live in a building we call Pioneer. As a name, Pioneer is only known to the AISA staff, because it was the first building they used to house teachers. What the real street address is, not many people know. How do we get here. IF you're in a taxi, just tell them "Mermaid building, back-side." Even though the mermaid building was torn down several years ago, we still go to it's "back-side" (cabbies don't understand "behind.") Dirrections for drivers is even sketchier... "uhm... drive down to Electra... which is 7th, or Zayed the First street, then, turn right at the Sheraton Khalidiya... turn right again... then take a left past the Mermaid Pharmacy... drive down the street, and take the 2nd last left... If you see Ghwwar Coffee, that's the building..." Seriously, that's pretty much how we have to describe it to anyone who wants to come here. Did that with the exterminator... he accidentally went to the Fahwar building a block up.
For purists, the easiest most accurate way I can tell you is, I live at N24degrees, 28.250 minutes, E054 degrees, 20.800minutes ... plug those numbers into your GPS and see how far away I am.

I work out at Abu Dhabi Health and Fitness... I've been a member for a week. Its nice , but still under construction. Apparently it was originally built to be a Royal Palace, but it was then decided that it would be better as a fitness club. It's pretty nice. Hopefully it'll help me get back in shape. I like working out there, and it's on the way home from school, so hopefully I'll use it a lot. I have goals in regard to my weight, so I'm expecting the facility to help me out.

Bike's here... not registered yet, so that's why you haven't seen any bike trip pictures. It was Ramadan, and is now Eid... I'll explain more about that later.


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