Sunday, September 17, 2006

Update 17/09/06

Hello everyone,
I hope everything is going well with everyone. Things are good here.
Like I've said before, it's hot here. Hot enough that I don't use hot
water for showers anymore. THe water tanks for the buildings are on
the roof, so the water is the same temperature as the air outside,
just perforect for a warm shower. If I were a keener, I'd get a water
chiller to have some good cool water. The pool at Abu Dhabi health and
Fitness is cholled as well, otherwise there would be no reason to go
swimming. I can tell you that in the shallows at the beach, the ocean
is too warm to swim in.
At school, we've had some devastating news. Although we started the
school-year off as a coed school, and have been scrambling to
accomideate the new policy (granted to us in July) we have now been
ordered to resegragate out classes. To make things worse, and to show
how clueless politicians are of what we do in schools, they thought we
would be able to do in a day... we've convinced them to give us until
Ramadan. I'm guessign that I will lose at least one of the classes I'm
curently teaching, and a bunch oif students will suffer, as my grade 8
coed class is doing poetry while other classes are doing short
stories. That sucks. Oh well... we will carry on.
I get my visa today, so I can finally apply to get my licence... which
means that I will get to go and rescue my motorcycle... yeah, I can
almost taste the freedom.
Hope all are well...


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