Monday, August 21, 2006

In Abu Dhabi

So, a new chapter begins...

I arrived in Abu Dhabi sans luggage, but I am well. I now have one
bag, and the other should be delivered to me tomorrow. There was no
explaination, but I'm assuming that the $420 tip I gave them in Seoul
to get my luggage here didn't help. Tip you ask??? Actually, when I
checked my baggage in at Incheon airport in Korea, I was told that I
would have to pay 1,400,000 won for the excess baggage (yes I was 35
kg over. ) In terms of Canadian dollars, that about $1600. The stains
in my shorts will wash out. Fortuately, the guy typed in the wrong
code as it was only suppose to be $650 (he said only.) Eventually by
creating a second carry-on, I dropped the price to $420. You ever
wonder who those dumb-asses are who get those big knives confiscated
at the security check in are? Yup, I didn't realize that tucked away
in a bag I put in the carry-on was my bvread knife, meat-fork and
chef's knife. Yup, all confiscated. There wasn't time to put them in
my luggage.
I did make it onto the plane to Manilla. where once I arrived I had a
shower in one of the lounges (best $10 I spent.)
Next, I had the bumpiest 9.5 hour flight I experienced. The first 3
hours of the flight from Manilla to Bahrain were so bumpy they
couldn't come arround with food or water. It was not a good flight at
all. Also, Gulf Air hasn't figured out the "You need
more than 30 inches of legroom for people over 6'3". I was horribly
cramped the whole time too. I won't fly Gulf Air again.
The transfer in Bahrain was quick and painless, for me, but my bags
didn't make it.
I'll got one the next day and I've been told thet the other will be
here tomorrow.
Been hanging out with my new housemate Farhang, an Iranian/American
who just graduated from Harvard. Also, we had a nice dinner last
night, and a tour of Abu Dhabi today with all the new staff. I'm
happy, as it seems like a fun group.
The weather is HOT here. I thought TnT was hot, but it has nothing on
the UAE. And those of you who said the desert cools off at night were
WRONG. 36-38 at night. I'm not complaining too much though, I will
I'm well, I hope you all are too.


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