Thursday, July 06, 2006

Update July 2006

Sorry that I haven't updated in ages. Just haven't had a whole lot to write about. It'll be less than a month and I'll be visiting Calgary for a 2 week vacation to see firends, family and finalize cisa stuff for the UAE. It's getting really close to crunch time. I'm hoping to get the Twin fixed soon, it'll be soon that it goes to Busan to be shipped to the UAE. Having a few electrical problems, which I had hoped to fix with a new wiring harness. Problem is that several components were remopved, so I have to reinstall them. Ah... the blessings of Korean mechanics... yes there is the odd good one, just not in Yoeus, and not whereever this bike had been worked on before.
Anyway, that's my update...
Hey, I'm interested in this Al Gore movie... I think you should be too, even if you live in the Canadian land of Oil... and I'll live in the middle east... wow...


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