Thursday, July 20, 2006


So, today ends the Marc EFL Chapter in the book that is my life. Who
knows, there may be EFL in future chapters, but I haven't read that
It was a strange good-bye at the school. I never really felt part of
the school, because I couldn't really communicate with most of the
students and teachers. That thought made me sad, because the
experience would have been much different had I been able to
communicate better. I think it's this empty kind of feeling that has
me studying Arabic right now, even though I know I probably won't need
or use it often in the UAE. If I can learn more Arabic than I know
Korean I'll be proud of myself. Maybe I'll try and learn French or
relearn German too.
Anyway, teaching here at Chung Deok Middle School has been a good
experience for me. It was a necessary step to getting an international
job. It was there at the right time. I met good people. And even
though I complain a lot, it was good for me and I'll miss it. But,
it's time to move on.
Anyway, the time has come for me to finish this log, turn off my
computer and leave this office for the final time.
we'll see you in Abu Dhabi.Take care.


  • Hi, Marc
    I really appreciate your helps for the students and teachers in our shcool. The fact that you are going to another country, not in Korea, makes me feel so sad. I will miss you a lot.
    And I think you are a good speaker in learning Korean. As long as you try to learn a language, I think you can do it very well.
    Anyway, if you go to UAE, I hope you l learn more Arabic.

    I hope you will adapt yourself well to a new life in UAE.
    And I expect you will visit or come to Korea in the future.

    Keep in touch. Your freind, Su-seOK, in Yosu.^_^*

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:35 PM  

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