Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Why don't people hate banks?
When they make a mistake, who pays? You do.
When you give them money to hold, who pays? You do.
Why are houses so expensive? Because credit allows for prices to increase beyond the immediate means of a buyer.
Who benefits when you can't pay off your house? The bank usually does.
Are credit cards not legal loan sharking? Some have interest rates of over 30%.
We give banks our money. Canadian banks give .5-2% interest. What is the lending rate right now????
Hmmm, banks make Billions profit??? Yet, they continually justify charging and increasing service charges.
If I could live without banks I would, but it's impossible.
No employer will pay in cash, unless you are working under the table (hard for a teacher to do.)
Student loans (a form of bondage) are controlled by banks.
Why am I so down on banks???
A screw up by a bank, caused another bank to charge a company I sent money to an extra $12 service charge. Therefore, they won't send me the goods I payed for. So I have to send them $12... which if I wire, will cost me $50, on top of the $12 that was stolen by the other bank (it should not have been charged.) So, by not imputting a code, a bank could cost me $62 plus, I'm waiting for a part that I ordered over a month ago, and it will be another month before I see it. Y
Yes, I love banks... Hmmmm... anyone out there see Fight Club???


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