Saturday, January 14, 2006


OK everyone,
Quick update on what I've been up to. Sorry I've been at keeping this up the last few months.
First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Solar New Year. (You'll understand Solar soon)
From the 23 of December to 6th of January I was working at a camp at the JLP center in Damyang. Actually it is a 5 week long in service for High School English teachers. The two weeks I was there were a good time. The thing I hate most about these camps... sorry forgot about how long it takes to mark journals. I mean the thing I hate the 2nd most about these camps is that you have to leave just when you start to get to know the trainees. As part of the "Green Team", I had a lot of fun.
The next week I was working at a kids camp in Suncheon. That was a blast, too. I miss working with upper elementary school kids. We had a great time. Again, too bad it ended so quickly. The camp lasted from Monday to Friday. After camp, I was literally off to Thailand...
Where I am now, at the International School Services (ISS) Bangkok 2006 International Recruiting Center (IRC).
Yes, I'm looking for an international school job. I'm hoping to get into a middle school or elementary school in some far off country. I've interviewed at schools in Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, and the United Arab Emerites, and will interview with an Indonesian school and German School tomorrow .
Boy was this fair an Eye-opener.
First of all, I attached this trip to my holiday. So, I packed to spend two weeks in Thailand and Vietnam, which also meant that I wasn't to keen about packing dress shoes and my suit. I figured, "This is teaching right? A nice shirt, a tie and slacks should make a good impression, there not going to look at my shoes (Brand new hikers). And if they see the shoes, I'll come off as "sporty," right???" 
I can tell you right now, that I'm pretty sure that two schools which were interested in the resume I sent them, didn't take a second look at me in person, because of how I dressed. Almost everyone here is dressed in a suit. I still look damn good, but apparently not good enough.
I also missed the first day, the orientation day working the kids camp (which, incidentally, is paying for this little Job fair.)   I really should have been there, just to get into the swing of things.
Thirdly, I made only 6 interview appointments, 2 of which I don't have a chance at.
So, did I waste US$350 by signing up for and coming to this thing?
I think not. I was pretty picky at the schools I signed up with, maybe too picky. Ideally I should have applied to a tonne of schools, for practice and to play the odds. I also realized, I haven't had a face to face interview since 1999. (Barbara, you don't count because I've known you for so many years.) All my jobs sionce university (except Floater) have been by phone interview. I was nervous. (Actually I correct myself, I interviewed with five private schools in Calgary in 2002.) 
However, I do have two schools interested in me. Both are schools I may not have looked at seriously if I had played the numbers game. One was a school that approached me. The second, had a good web site, and though the money isn't as much as I dreamt of, the people that interviewed me were really good. Actually, the feller that interviewed me, reminded me of Jim Legge, my principal in Hall Beach. The situation is a total 180 from where I'm at now, and I'm very interested. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I'm not gonna give any more details, because I don't want to jinx myself, and I have a few more interviews. 
Anyways, I'll likely update sooner than later, but if you don't read in the sooner time-line, have a happy Lunar New Year. (Chinese New Year to some - January 28-30th.)
Oh, and Steve, Happy Belated birthday...


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