Sunday, January 22, 2006


After getting my new Job, I went to meet my friend Pa. Pa and I met last year, she's a masseuse (legit) just off Koh San road. We've kept touch by email over the past year, and it was cool to visit her.
I told Pa my plans to go up to Chang Mai and do a bit of a tour. She suggested that when I get back I should go to Koh Chang with her. IT would have been nice, but I only had a day or two after going to Chang Mai, before having to go off to Vietnam.
I wound up compromising, and suggesting that we go to Koh Chang instead of me going to Chaing Mai. That's how I wound up on Koh Chang.
Now... last issue I mentioned the mosquitos being a problem in the beach hut. The mosquito issues were put to rest when we signed into a new hotel. No more roughing it. This trip has also been the trip of experiencing new foods. Pa has been ordering different stuff for us every meal. It's great.
I rented two different scooters on KhoChang.Both were not happy pulling me and Pa around the Island, which is full of hills. I abandoned the 125 automatic bike after one day, and hung onto a semi-automatic for a day ands a half, but brought it back when it developed a leak of some sort... A bike does get you access to some cool parts of the Island. We went to a waterfall, a fishing village and a couple of beaches on the bikes. I would have liked to drive all the way around the island. They built a new road 2 years ago. If I had found a motorcycle that was well serviced for rent, I would have done it. Unfortunately, the motorbikes that were being rented were all poorly maintained, and for a guy my size, I don't want to ride a bike with bad brakes, and poorly maintained chain. Oh well, next time I go back, I'll make sure it's with my bike. So, ok... I'm somewhat obsessed with motorcycles... you already knew that.
Pa and I went to an elephant place too. Not to ride, but to ask for the elephants blessing with a Thai ritual. It was very cool. We did a prayer, and had to walk under the elephant a few times. It was really cool, and a great experience.
The funny thing is that I wasn't hurt by that Elephant at all, but later I was stepped on by another.
We were feeding baby Odet bananas, when she took a liking to my Columbia Sandals. She stepped on my foot to show that she liked them. Fortunately, she's only about 250-300 kgs. Had it been her momma, I wouldn't have needed the sandal anymore.
After winding down on the beach for a few days it came time to leave. I signed up for a ferry+VIP bus to Bangkok deal cause it seemed like a good deal. I should have done what we did last time. I still had to pay taxi's to and from the ferry... Frustrating. They get you every way they can. I opted for the bus because(like Jackie) Pa doesn't have the bladder that can handle a long trip. I learned from our last ride in a van what can happen to people like that. So we took a VIP bus with an on-board loo. I DESPISE buses. Being in the slow hulks drives me absolutely batty. I can't stand the heat. I can't stand the enclosed spaces, I can't stand the cramped/uncomfortable seating.I also can't stand the smell of the washroom. I really wished I had brought my AT with me. The ride from Koh Chang was excruciatingly long. The "VIP" bus was a disappointment, and we had the SLOWEST driver in all of Thailand. We did make it back to KhoaSan Rd by 6:30, and my friend Pa went off to a farewell party for one of her friends who is moving to India for a few months.

Anyway, back in Bangkok for a few days. I'm just waiting on my Passport to come back from the Vietnamese embassy (Monday) and fly out to Vietnam on Tuesday.
Hope all are well...


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