Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Job Fair part 2

So, Sunday morning I went early to the Job fair as I had an 8:30 interview with a school in Indonesia. I ran into Ron and Juddith from the American International School of Adu Dhabi, one of the schools interested in me. They wanted to see me at 11:30 instead of 9:30. Actually I didn't know they wanted to see me at 9:30 since I hadn't seem my mailbox at that point.  Well, they offered me a position at the school.  Before seeing anything else in my mailbox, and having the interviews for the day... I said Yes. It really just felt like the proper fit, and my gut said yes.
Once I got to the mailbox, I found a request for a 2nd interview with a Thai school that I didn't think had ANY interest in me after the first interview. Truth is, I wasnt upset by this, because I really think I made the best decision for myself at this time. Who knows, in 2 years I will be given the option to stay or move on.
I didn't connect with my 8:30... I didn't see her in the Lobby, so I waited in the foyer... never heard from her, but I left a nice card appologizing for any inconvenience of us not connecting. For all I know she slept in???  Cancelled the rest of the appointments for the day, went back to the Atlanta, changed and decided to go for a celebratory massage with my friend Pa, the masseuse I met last time I was in Bangkok, and kept touch with by email.

My plans to go to Chaing Mai and do a motorcycle tour changed a bit. I was a little turned off by the 12 hour bus ride, and an opportunity to go back to Koh Chang developed. Speaking of Developed, in the 2.5 years since i was here before, Koh Chang has changed some. There has been a serious development boom, of which we saw the beginning. Many of the quaint little places that were on the beach before are either gone, or crowded by monstrous resort style hotels.
I will give props to Jackie, for saying no to the little bamboo hut on the beach, when we were here in 2003. I know Tiffany and I were okay with them, because we wouldn't have minded "roughing it", but I have learned...the huts are cheap(ish), they look cool, all the beach-bum budget tourists stay in them for months at a time, but they really are just havens for mosquitos... and when you are as long as the sleeping mattress, whatever hangs off the edge, or touched the side of the mosquito netting, is still fair game for the little suckers... I regretted paying 2 nights for the room. But tomorrow, a nice "sealed" room will do nicely. I guess I'm too old for roughing it like that... or maybe it's just that I have too sweet blood.
Anyhow, so far so good.
Take care... I'll update again later.


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