Thursday, December 22, 2005

More Snow

OK... Last week we had a huge dump of snow. It was insane, because we got about 20cm of snow. Yes, by Canadian standards that's not that much, but think of it like Victoria getting hit... Yoesu is lucky to get snbow, and it "never" stays on the ground. The city doesn't have any plows. I had to walk home from school, because I wasn't going to drive my motorbike. THe bikes were the only things moving that didn't have chains. Cars, trucks and buses were abandonned on the side of the roads. People put on chain kits, and accidents happened. IT was wild. It took me about 1 and a 1/2 hours to walk home. We had a snow day the next day. No school, because the buses weren't running properly, and taxis were hard to come by. I went to school, finding the first buses running over the "Highroad" which gets me to school. I was the only one there. I went home. Actually I drove my motorbike home. (Mom, it was safe). The roads had been sanded, and there were no cars driving, it was the perfect chance to get my car home, because I was worried I'd have to abandone it until February... not good.
Anyway, the snow has mostly melted, and I saw the street cleaners out sweeping up the sand. In Canada, or the States, a street cleaner would mean a big truck-like machine with a bike rotating bruch on the front, and a tank of water or stuff to wash the road down... here it means a guy with a broom... wow... fun job.


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