Sunday, December 25, 2005


Merry Christmas Everyone...
Spent Christmas Eve with some Friends. Jennifer put it best when she said someone had wished her an Unusual, but fun Christmas. Well, that's what we had. Several of us, Evil Marc, Jaelee, Dale, Brandon, Jennifer, Jeffrey, HyeKyeong (Jeff's wife) and Hana (Jeff and HyeKyeong's daughter) went to the Yeosimcheon JimJilBang. It's a nice jimJilBang, with several hot rooms(suanas), hot tubs, massage chairs, sleeping areas, movie screens, and other "family" entertainment things. It was pretty full, but we found our own little spot. We played a few games, Jenga, Settlement and Trivial pursuit. It was definitely a different was to spend Chrtistmas Eve, and it was definitely fun too.
Tonight... it's off to Outback in Suncheon for Christmas Eve dinner.


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