Sunday, July 31, 2005


Yahoo... got into the mountains today. Korean mountains are beautiful, but they just aren't the Rockies. My great friends Doug, Jeni and Marshall, invited me to tag along with them, and a frew friends. Unfortunately, one of the vehicles didn't make it to the mountains in time to join us(extended potty break for a little fellow). Anyway, Doug, Jeni, Marshall, Jason and myself, hiked up Mist Creek, kinda missing Mist Ridge, our original destination. It all comes down to "why would you listen to the guy who lives in Korea and has never been to the site of the hike, when it comes to chosing a parking lot?) Anyway the hike we went on was beautiful.
The hike was not lack for adventure. We found a beautiful mountain meadow that we used for a break. Marshall was intrigued by the gopher hole, which he interpretted as a "Grover" hole. I suppose Grover needs a nice little get away when he isn't filming Seasame Street, but he was unwilling to make an appearance for our little hiker(2years old). We also had a magical trail...sometimes it was there, and sometimes it wasn't. Eventually we gave up on continuing the route, and backtracked to the car, rather than trying to finish the loup without a trail, and with a little feller in a backpack style carrier. For the magic trail, I blame the weather... with all this rain they've had in ALberta, everything was green, and new life was sprouting up everywhere, hiding the trail from us. It was still an awesome hike.
On the drive home, we saw some moose on the side of the road. First a mother and 2 calves, and then a young Bull moose. A great end, to a great day. I also have to admit, that as soon as I finish this blog, I'm gonna crash...Cheers all.

Friday, July 29, 2005

In Calgary

Sorry, no posts since I got home. Both my brother's computers were on the fritz, and though I'm repairing one, it's still not ready. Actually, my parents bought a nice computer, which I'm using. My mom was tired of going to the pc cafe, and I think she was a little in withdrawal from having regular access to the internet.
So, anyway, I'm in calgary for my 3 week holiday. It's nice visiting with my brother and the folks(who have been staying with Robin since they left the boat in Colombia.) Dad just had a back operation, so hopefully sailing will be easier when they get back to the boat.

So, the NorthAmerican Solar challenge came to Calgary. It was cool, as UofC had a car in the race, and was the final stop of the race. I believe 24 teams were racing solar powered cars from Texas to Calgary. It was quite cool to see. I managed to be there when the RedRiver College car crossed the finish line. I have no idea where it placed. The UofC one came in 15th or so, and the best Canadian was a car from Waterloo which placed 5th.
I'm interested in this alternate energy vehicle stuff, and have been looking at converting one of my motorbikes to electric... (have the plans and all.)

Oh well, must go out and try to find some ingerdients for Dalk Kalbi(dal Kalbi or Tak Kalbi), one of my favourite Korean foods.
Cheers all.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Adventures in Tastes

Ok... now I'm the type of guy who is willing to pretty much try anything. Here in Korea there are alot of things, especially food, which we might consider... well... gross.
Bundaegi - silk worm larva that is eaten for a snack... tastes like it smells...
Pine juice - not to be confused with pineapple juice(which they call pine juice). I'm talking pine flavoured juice... ever wondered what Pine Sol tastes like? I think I know know, because it tastes like PineSol smells.
Pine flavoured toothpaste - OK... I actually love this stuff... To me, Juice = bad, toothpaste = good... it maybe I like my teeth PineSol Clean...
So, I've tried a new one... you see, Tomatoes are fairly popular in strange circumstances here... they actually put cherry tomatoes in to Bing Su - a mixed ice/ice cream treat with various fruit and sweet red beans in it. I actually like them in it. So, when I saw Tomato Yoghurt, my first impression of course was, "That's GROSS!!!", but being adventurist, I thought, "ah, it works in Bing-su, so why not yoghurt???"
I will tell you why not, it was DISGUSTING!!!  There were little chunks of tomatoe in it, kinda squished. I expected it to be sweet... uhm... no.I figure the closest way to match the taste would be to mix some tomato juice into a cup of plain yoghurt. So, texture was bad and taste was bad. I'll just chalk that one up to experience.  
Granted, I'm still in no way caught up to the level of disgusting that Dave did when we were in Cambodia... did I mention the "hard boiled egg" egg he ate? Lets just say, I was impressed he could smile when tiny little feathers were sticking in his teeth... He grinned through it, and it wasn't till later that he told us he almost retched. 
Cheers all, 

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Wow, it's less than a week until I go home for a much needed vacation. It will be good to see family and friends.
The strange thing abvout leaving is the changes that will go one here. Summer is the big season for change here in Korea, lots of friends going home, and new friends to be made.
I went on my last big ride of the "season" which turned out to be smaller than expected. JaeLee, Katie, Monica and Brian, and I went on a short trip up to Heunguksa Temple, which is near the Chemical factory in Yeochun. It was a nice drive, and we only got a little wet. We hiked up to the Hermitage, about a 2/3 up to the peak. It was a good little hike, and a nice way to break up the ride.
Then we dodge the rain as we drove back to town to go for dinner. Hmmmm Tak Kalbi. The owners are really going to miss Monica and Brian who are regulars there. I might have to make up for them a little. It's a great little "hole-in-the-wall" of a restaurant.
After dinner, we went to War of the Worlds. I liked it... it's a bit of a nail biter.
Hope all are well...