Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Hi Folks,
So, lately I've been having technical problems, first with my computer, and then with my phone. So, yesterday I brought my phone to get fixed. I believe if I was in Canada, I would have brought my phone to the technical department, handed it over, and hoped to have it back in the next few days. Here, I had to get a ticket and wait to see a customer service rep. When I was called up, I gave the customer rep a note, in Korean, explaining what the problems were. The set-up was like an insurance agent's office back in Canada.
I figured I'd give him the note, and then he'd tell me to come back tomorrow or
Wednesday. Instead, as I noticed all his tools, static matt and all, the guy fixed my phone right in front of me. I'm hoping my phone is fixed. So far so good.

If only I can fix that lousy laptop of mine... I'm going to be saying "Anyeonghaseo" to Windows when I come back to Canada for my holiday. Several older version Windows users I know have been experiencing problems with their computers. I thought it was just my computer stanfing on it's last legs, but a couple here with the same WinME OS, is having almost identical problems. They heard that it's just Microsoft's way
of getting people to upgrade to XP. All I want is two more years out of my laptop, and then I'll by a Mac. For now, I'm planning to get an english version of Linux, and low and behold... hasta la vista Bill Gates, and hopefully a few more years of the old Compaq, Linux style.

That's my comment for today.

Monday, May 16, 2005


It's been a while since I've posted anything, so I'm posting some thoughts that have been bouncing around my head for the last little while.

There is huge anti-foreigner sentiment in Korea, partly because some foreigners pick-up and use Korean girls, and then brag about it. Worse yet, several of these guys have posted their exploits on Web pages, and gone as far to bragg about picking up Korean women of all ages, from Ajumas (older married women) to Middle school girls. Apparently since they are in a foreign country, rape is ‘ok.’
Remember : “15 will get you 20”

Actually, I think some guys accept implied consent as OK too. Actually, I’ve been told that in Korea “no” doesn’t always mean “no”. I’ve been told that girls are “expected” to put up resistance because otherwise they would appear as “easy.” OK…now after hearing about teenagers who won’t complain about improper actions because they like the foreigner, and of women who won’t expose rapists (Korean of Foreigner) because of the embarrassment they will suffer, I kind of wonder if foreigners justify actions that they would never do at home as being their understanding of Korean culture? Or is it just the quality of foreigners that are being hired here?
Just because they don’t complain, doesn’t make it right.

I understand that many Koreans are upset and even outraged at this situation. However, many of these are the same Koreans who could care less about girls(foreign and Korean) who are raped by taxi drivers, or forced into uncomfortable situations by pushy (and often drunk) bosses. I think this is a society that has some unresolved issues about sex, women and foreigners... I also think that some of the foreigners here really need to take a look at what they are doing...

That aside, life is going well. Enjoying spring-time. Enjoying life.