Saturday, April 16, 2005

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Friday, April 15, 2005

It's for real...

Hi Everyone,
Anonymous Midwest Girl asked:
" that a real, official holiday? Or just kind of tradition that
some friends started? That's an intensely cool idea."

The answer is yes, it's for real. It's not a holiday, but it is a
recognized day. Actually the 14th of every month is a "special day."
October 14: Wine Day - The day when lovers drink wine and share love
June 14: Kiss Day - The day when lovers kiss to confirm their love

I found an explaination of all the special days at the KBS Global
website (KBS - Korean Broadcast System). I'm surprised it's not in
Canada or the states, as these are great days for marketing (see Nov.
11 - Peppero Day). Hershy's would love June 14. Hallmark would be in
Heaven. Check them out for yourself:

Thursday, April 14, 2005

A shot in the butt

Happy Black Day all. If you don't know, black-day is the day that all us poor single folk in Korea are suppose to mourn our "misfortune" of being single. We eat JaJangMyun (noodles with a black sauce) and are expected to wear black and so on. It's much less impressive that Red and White days which are for lovers, where candy is given. But it is a day of "celebration." One of my friends wants to go out tonight and celebrate our singleness together... unfortunately I have plans with my Workshop Students (all teachers.) I feel bad for my friend who is already feeling bad being single?

Anyway, in relation to love and stuff...Spring is here. All (some) of the teachers from my school were suppose to go on a hike yesterday to Yong Chi San (Mountain). At the base of the HungGukSa Temple, which was very cool. Covering the peek of the just under 500m mountain are these lovely purple flowers. People go up just to see them. After climbing to the mid point between the two peeks of YongChiMountain, I found that we could have driven there. Hmmmm... glad I needed the exercise. I took pictures, which I hope to upload tonight. I'll try to post one or two, and a link to the rest.

As for the title of this installment... I've had a cold for 3 weeks. So, when I went the doctor the other day, he said I should come back if the cold is still with me after my medicine runs out (4 days). I just took my last few pills, and my hope is that I wake up all cleared up, because if not I get.... (see title)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Hey Folks, here are links to recent pictures.

MT English Weekend

AlienParty/Arbor Bay Beach Picnic

Sunday, April 03, 2005

group4 (minus a few)

Group4 (minus a few) Posted by Hello

MT Weekend

Yes, this weekend I went up to Jirisan Park with 17 other foreign teachers, and 60 or so Korean, English Majors from Yeosu University. Though they have a 3-day camp, we were invited to see that they were exposed to English from native speakers. We were only there for a 24hr period, but it was quite the interesting time.

The first day was devoted to getting organized for the evening skit presentation and for bonding with out groups. We had a big buffet dinner, had our skit and a pop-song contest, and then drank amounts of alcohol. It was a fun evening.

Sunday was much tamer. People slept through breakfast (not me...those eggs wend down well), we went for a short walk up the street to a little patch of blossoming trees, and a river, and then we came home. Jirisan is actually a famous park to go hiking and to hotsprings, but unfortunately, lack of time and organization, in addition to hangovers prevented that from happening. I will have to go back some day.

There was some drama(outside of the skits) this weekend, but it’s best not to dwell on that. We were paid pretty good money to go drink, party, flirt and just hang out with some really nice college kids. Funny enough, though I did get paid, it wasn’t my motivation at all. I really wanted to meet some English speaking Koreans, and that's what I did. I enjoyed the weekend.