Monday, February 28, 2005

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back from Seoul

Hey everyone,
Just got back from a great visit to Seoul. I had planned on going early Friday morning after doing some SUPER important banking, but alas the banking gods were frowning on me because it is year-end, and it was after 5pm that I left Yeosu. (What a stupid month to have year-end. It's the shortest, so everyone is stressing to get stuff done. Normally I have a week to transfer money to Canada, this time it was one. Argh... I hope the transfer went OK, but there isn't much I can do about it if it doesn't is there.)
I took the KTX to Seoul. It's Korea's version of the TGV - I heard they build them here, and out of a heavier gauge steel/aluminium because they have to deal with the pressure change of far more tunnels than the European trains do. I have to say, travelling at 300km/hour is nice, and I can't wait for the entire line to be open to those speeds. Currently it cuts about an hour off the travel time, even with a transfer.
Anyway Seoul was great. I met with Michelle and Joanne, my lovely former co-workers from ReadingTown. Even though it was a crap place to work, the people I met there were GREAT!!! I met up with Michelle, and two of her friends at TGI Fridays at Lotte World in the Jamsil area. Joanne joined us shortly after our food came, having been to a wedding and dinner before. We had a great dinner, did a lot of catching up and had fun in general. Then, my dear Joanne had to go home, so, the rest of us moved on to a different venue. The place we went was really cool, don't remember the name, though. It was all designed like a cave inside, with stalactites and stalagmites, and big Cobras (?) sticking out of the rock. The food and cocktail soju were good too.
I hung out with Michelle for most of Saturday, including going to go see Constantine. Went WebCam shopping at Yongsan, and then to RedMango (Iceberry's competition - fruit and ice-yoghurt.)
I stayed two nights on the sleeping floors of Jing Jae Bangs (sauna's), and still find that the cheapest way to crash in Seoul. The Hostel I stayed in on the first night (Traveller A hotel) was a disappointment, but close to Insadong. Sorry Tiff, the honey guy wasn't there as the little shop was closed(?).
I really had a good time and took the KTX home again.
Good to be home... now to prep for this week... ARGH... students again, and it looks like I’ll be teaching them all!!!
Cheers all.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Going to Seoul

Hi Everyone,
I'm heading off to Seoul today to get a few things done. I always say I'll give people advance warning of my visits, but I always seem to come to the realization that I am leaving the day I plan to leave. First things first, I have to do the dishes, go to the bank, get something to eat and catch a train.(They are about every hour or so.)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Last Dinner in Siem Reap - Ra, Me, Jessica, Jeffrey, David, and Sammy Posted by Hello

1st Post

Hi Y'all,
I've finally moved into the worlk of Blogging. Actually I"m hoping to move into the world of Vlogging (video log), but that will come soon enough.
I'm hoping this will be a more accessible way to post updates on my adventures. I love that life is an adventure. I also figure this is better than my last email update, which was way too insanely long.
Today's adventure actually happened because I lost my key to my motorcycle 2 days ago. A locksmith came and started filing a key to pick my lock. It was amazing, he'd put the key in, jiggle it around, look at the marks the lock made, and start filing again. He repeated this soooo many times, he eventually unlocked my stearing and turned on the ignition. The only problem came in that I can no longer lock the stearing, nor open my gas cap. He didn't charge me because he didn't succeed in creating the perfect key. Now, I have to find a new lock, or locksmith. At least I can drive... until I run out of gas... man I wished I'd filled last week, I'm near needing the reserve.
On a sad note, I learned yesterday, that Sam, whom we met and travelled with in Cambodia, passed away 2 days ago in his apt. in Pattaya. My heart goes out to our friend Jessica, who found him. Sam has become part of the rock'n'roll philosophy of live hard, die young. He recently survived a pretty horrific accident, while working in Korea. Not fully recovered, he was leading an interesting life in Pattaya. It's hard to believe it was just 2 weeks ago, that we were all hanging out together.